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Areas that are most urgent and/or critical to a functioning civil life.


The classroom is now in a vital struggle for survival with the immensely persuasive outside world created by new informational media.
--Marshall McLuhan, 1967

  • Lack of mastery of any one language due to migration and multiple languages used in parallel.
  • Feasibility of teaching topics in concurrent languages in school.
  • Tutor corporate staff in using encryption techniques.

Education must shift from instruction, from the imposing of stencils on brain pens, as it were, to discovery -- to probing and exploration exploring and to the recognition of the language of forms.
--Marshall McLuhan

Revisit learning styles and concepts like Bloom's taxonomy and examine whether they are the best approximations we have or whether we will have to revise Bloom's Taxonomy because --

You can/may/should create before you understand...

If Math Is The Aspirin, Then How Do You Create The Headache?

I'd like you to think of yourself for a moment not as a teacher or as an explainer or a caregiver though you are doubtlessly all of those things. Think of yourself as someone who sells aspirin. And realize that the best customer for your aspirin is someone who is in pain. Not a lot of pain. Not a migraine. Just a little.

Piaget called that pain "disequilibrium." Neo-Piagetians call it "cognitive conflict." Guershon Harel calls it "intellectual need." I'm calling it a headache. I'm obviously not originating this idea but I'd like to advance it some more.

One of the worst things you can do is force people who don't feel pain to take your aspirin. They may oblige you if you have some particular kind of authority in their lives but that aspirin will feel pointless. It'll undermine their respect for medicine in general.[1]


Can you teach well without a sound knowledge of educational theory? The answer is no.[2]

Why educational theory is flawed.[3]

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